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Avoiding Life’s Potholes

Traveling on the path of life for many is a journey filled with struggle, pain, fear, failure and adversity. For other’s it is a journey of love, joy, laughter, happiness and success. The following potholes present each of us regardless of the path we are on with opportunities for growth. Why not review each one, and consider it’s application to your life, attitudes or philosophy to determine where you might want to modify your perceptions or opinions.

1. Living in the past or future preventing you from enjoying and benefiting from the


2. Greed of any kind. In time, finances, career, business or relationships.

3. Letting your ego control your life by leading with your intellect and not your heart.

4. Failing to forgive yourself or others for mistakes, errors or failures.

5. Failing to manage your expectations of others and life and being disappointed a lot.

6. Focusing on being right rather than happy.

7. Judging others by your standards expecting them to see and live life as you do.

8. Holding on to old emotional negative baggage that prevents you from finding joy in life.

9. Turning the responsibility for your life, happiness and success over to others.

10. Lacking patience and trust as you live your life.

11. Believing in limitations and their ability to prevent you from realizing your dreams.

12. Letting other people, events or circumstances discourage or sabotage you.

13. Focusing on what is missing in your life rather than being grateful for what you have.

14. Seeing yourself as a victim and that life is picking on you.

15. Failing to accept the differences and uniqueness of other people.

16. Believing life is fair or unfair. We make it what we do because of our beliefs and


17. Taking yourself and life too seriously.

18. Giving power over to other’s for your feelings, emotions, attitudes and outcomes.

19. Making poor choices and decisions in life believing – your options are limited.

20. Failure to invest in yourself ensuring a better, happier and more secure future.

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