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Barriers: Are They Real?

As we get ready to hear the President’s State of the Union address and anticipate one of his areas of focus will be on adding jobs to our economy, it leads me to think about that adage “a nation’s greatest asset is its human capital.”

We have been schooled to think that if we don’t produce enough or educate it properly, it will lag behind our competitors. Much of this rhetoric has been in the headlines over the past several months. Movies and books speak to the necessity of improving our education system and the need for job creation.

Much of what we read about in the media is the barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals. However, I believe that we are in a wonderful situation right now; one that is forcing everyone to look at creative and non-traditional ways of “getting the job done.”

Those re-launching their careers or looking for new opportunities now have a blank canvas in which to create a situation that is mutually beneficial to themselves, as well as, their prospective employers.

We have all read that employers assume that women who also hold the title of “mother” cannot be an “ideal worker” because they are unable to successfully hold two full-time jobs, the one in the office as well as the one in the home.

Women have been resourceful with the ways in which they get around the so-called “mommy-track.” They have come up with solutions that provide the flexibility that is necessary to balance their work and family life. Now, especially, is the time to be innovative and show how re-entering moms can add to the bottom line.

As the world continues to develop a global market with a “flat” mentality, other countries are providing

creative solutions to developing and nurturing their human capital and, eventually, so will we in order to remain competitive.

One greatly under-used resource is professional women who are re-entering the workforce. These women were part of the so called “brain drain” several years ago as they exited the workforce to stay at home with their children and now many look to find ways to creatively re-enter the workforce. They bring with them a plethora of knowledge while, perhaps even saving their employers money. This sounds more like a win-win situation than a barrier to me!

Given this rationale, it stands to reason that employers need to change the way they view their human capital, as many of their global competitors are currently doing.

So are you ready to assess where your passion, your creativity fit into this picture? Does your job align with your lifestyle? What steps can you take to guide it in that direction?

It certainly is an exciting time. Rather than focusing on those perceived barriers, look, rather, at the non-traditional approaches available to you, remove the barriers and start being the creator of your own career, let’s start drawing!

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