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How to Always Act Based on Wisdom

Many people have a sad life biography and numerous psychological problems. Even those who supposedly had a normal life need psychotherapy. Everyone needs relief and support. Everyone is suffering for some reason.

If you are depressed or if you feel that the world is unfair you need support. If you suffer from a mental illness you need a safe treatment.

If you don’t know what exactly you need, you will clearly understand all your psychological problems and the problems of the world. You surely have many psychological problems and you are making many mistakes only because you have inherited an absurd and evil wild conscience that is constantly invading your conscience with its absurd thoughts.

You can find relief and begin a new life by translating the meaning of your own dreams. This is a revolutionary solution that puts you into contact with God. The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me who continued his research, helps you accurately translate God’s words in dreams. This method transcribes the meaning of the dream images according to the meaning given to them by the dream producer.

Many people ask me: ‘How could you come to the conclusion that this dream symbol means what you are telling me it does?’

My conclusion is not based on my personal opinion, but on arduous research comparing many dreams and many life biographies. When I tell you that the meaning of an object or animal is this or that, I’m telling you the meaning discovered by Carl Jung, or the meaning discovered by me while I used his method based on comparisons to discover the meaning of a dream symbol.

You are very lucky because I’m giving you the results of my research, after years and years of studies and cures. I had to look for the meaning of a dream symbol for days, months, or even years until I could finally understand the meaning that the divine unconscious mind gives to the images it used to compose our dreams.

When you learn the dream language based on the scientific method you really can understand the wise guidance of the divine unconscious mind, which is God’s mind. God works producing dreams with the intention to help you fight your wild conscience (anti-conscience) and become a wise and sensitive human being.

This is the fastest and the safest method of psychotherapy you could ever find, and it is also free of charge if you will study my dynamic simplification of Carl Jung’s method and you will translate your dreams yourself. Otherwise, I can translate your dreams for you based on word count. I also provide you with psychotherapy. We exchange many email messages after the translation of your dreams, which are also related to your life biography.

However, you are so lucky because I could finally publish my work and help you easily understand the meaning of dreams that you can learn how to translate your dreams yourself. You should study the dream language and submit a few dreams for professional dream translation when you are tired from work and you don’t feel you can spend your time with translations, or whenever you have urgent problems that demand fast solutions.

I give you a road map, showing you how you will get rid of your wild conscience by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams. You will completely develop your human conscience. I simplified also the process of transformation you have to pass through while fighting your anti-conscience until you will win this battle.

I’m a pioneer because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance, while Jung was afraid to completely obey the unconscious mind. I could better understand the dream language and perceive the unconscious sanctity. I had to fight the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience by offering resistance to its attacks.

My heroic battle and my victory give you all the knowledge you need. My victory is in fact God’s victory. I was young and ignorant. I was simply obeying the guidance I had. It was very hard to obey this guidance, but obeying is not like deciding. I didn’t decide what to do; I did what the divine unconscious mind showed me I had to do. This is totally different.

My fight against the dangerous anti-conscience and the fact that I managed to win this battle and show you all the content of your brain and psyche is God’s gift to the world. Anyone could be in my place. What matters is that God managed to show the truth to someone, who managed to transmit this truth to the world. This is why you are learning what exists into the unknown region of your brain and psyche.

Your anti-conscience gives you a wild personality that is part of yourself, even though you ignore its existence. Your wild personality seems to be human, but it is a true demon. It pretends to be human in order to mislead your human conscience and take the place of your ego.

Through dream translation you learn how to differentiate yourself from your primitive anti-conscience. You are the human being existent into your tiny human conscience. However, your satanic anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain. You are only a spot. The analogy is scaring and unfair. You have no chances to win the demon alone. You indispensably need God’s guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

The beginning is uncomfortable because you have to get used with the dream language and with the unconscious psychotherapy. You also have to change your behavior. For example, if you live isolated, the unconscious mind will show you that you have to make friends.

You will find one thousand excuses and another thousand real reasons why you cannot make friends. You won’t do anything to change your behavior and your life.

However, the unconscious mind will give you many explanations. You will understand why you need a social life. You will understand that your tendency to remain isolated is ruining your personality and destroying your life.

You will then start doing something to make friends. You will stop being indifferent to your loneliness. After learning how to make friends and making your first friends, you will understand how important your social life really is, and you will feel better. You will understand how absurd you were because you insisted on staying home alone all the time. This absurdity was the result of the influence of your anti-conscience.

You always find relief and consolation when you discover God’s guidance in your own dreams and you get rid of the negative influence of your anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience causes so many damages to your psychological system and to your life that when you will eliminate your anti-conscience you will feel free like a bird, flying high in the sky. You will stop having negative reactions, negative thoughts, absurd fears, and many unpleasant and unbearable sensations.

Your wild conscience is strong because it occupies the biggest part of your brain and psyche. You cannot understand how many of your reactions belong to your wild nature.

After eliminating your anti-conscience and developing your intelligence you will pay attention to numerous details you disregard. You will also have a global vision of your reality.

You will feel safe because you will know many things about the human nature and about the world that will give you information about your reality. You will also know that you are able to control your behavior and you will never make mistakes. You will always act based on wisdom.

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