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How To Be Productive?

With the advent of Blackberries and iPads, time wastage has increased. It is true that these gadgets have made life easier for many. Now everything is within people’s reach. However, I find that if you can do a lot with a thing. You would want to do exactly that. You will use it more. It will be used to the point where it will become a burden on your energy resources.

Being busy is not everything. One could be busy idle talking with a friend. Being productive is all that matters. We should be focused and not allow anything break our concentration for long.

If you find yourself extremely busy, then you need to learn to concentrate. Focus is about what you do not do as compared to what you do. You can easily achieve focus by removing all the distractions that come your way.

It is all about identifying the task that needs your prime attention, and then concentrating on it only. Many people are hell busy but they do not produce much.

Many people make the excuse of being really busy in order to evade their responsibilities. They know the art of looking busy. However, this gets them no where. They need to make priority list.

Bear in mind, that the priorities should be defined not in terms of what you like to engage in. you need to do prioritize things that help you become successful and productive. There is an old 80/20 rule that suggests that with 20 percent effort, you can achieve get 80 percent work done.

You might be wondering as to what this 20 percent really is. How can you focus and put all your mind and effort into it? How can you not let anything distract you?

In conclusion, suffice it to say that it is not about doing more and being really busy. It is about smart work. Focus on things that can get you where you want to. You should never let any distractions get into your way towards success because at the end of the day the sense of achievement both personal and professional is what counts.

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