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How to Manifest Your Purpose and Be Powerful – This Article Will Teach You What You Do Not Know!

According to Maya Angelou, “Most people don`t grow up. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.”

In a country like ours, where money is adored, a lot of people just exist and cash in their checks but life is far beyond that. Living is all about employing your purpose and realizing your unlimited potentials.

This is time to grow up! Come of age and be of age. You have an uncommon ability to honor every living person for his or her humanity. Take up responsibility for the time and rule the time to come.

Do not bite the ground but be firmly rooted in the ground so that you are not so easily pushed over. The easiest way to do this is to seek and employ your purpose; you are powerful.

You are powerful dearly loved. You are powerful! You are created for a purpose bigger than you. You are elected and called to live the good life. All things are yours! All you need to do is fulfill your purpose and exhibit your excellence. You are not ordinary; Divinity is at work in you, you are full of glory and virtue.

Make your calling and election sure! Fulfill your purpose for living; you are powerful.

This is the best time to live! It does not matter how old you are, do not just exist. The world is a stage; write your own script in this day and age. Maximize your purpose by nursing your ideas and discipline yourself in the right direction so that you will be very good as you realize your potentials. You can change anything with the right thoughts and right purpose. Let there be something the world will remember you for, something that is for the books.

Age is a very relative thing, rule this day and age! At ninety-plus, Katherine Dunham who is best known for her groundbreaking choreography based on African-American, Caribbean, West African and South American sources is still a true grand dame of dance. She is also directing the occasional class and controlling affairs at Katherine Dunham Centers for the Humanities and her dancing schools all over the world.

At eighty-five, noted historian, scholar, author and Professor John Hope Franklin who is highly regarded for his efforts to promote racial understanding and reconciliation is still shaping history with his integrated visions of scholarship and activism, passion and prudence through his many books. What is your purpose?

You can be a great leader and very powerful also! You are very powerful and I encourage you to lead the way also. Be powerful and fulfill your purpose for living.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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