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No Such Thing As Bad Luck

There is no such thing as bad luck – What a saying! Something doesn’t quite go according to plan and we try and console our friends, family or colleagues by saying “oh well never mind, it is just bad luck”. Well stop and think for one minute. Actually there is no such thing as bad luck – so what is it?

We are complex individuals with a very powerful brain, more power than many of us are aware of especially as our brains are still working when we think they are not. We have two parts to our mind. The conscious mind is where we are aware of the decisions we are making and what we are thinking, for example, what shall I have to eat. However we are not always aware of what are our subconscious mind thinks and this is the part of our mind which we are not aware of its activity or know that it is working or what it is thinking. The status of this subconscious mind can then affect our thoughtful mind. If your subconscious mind is in a negative state this then affects our active part of our mind to a negative state which can in turn produce an actual negative result. There are many people who believe that they have no control over this result and don’t realise that it is the power of their belief that has created it. It is your own faith and belief that determines the action of your subconscious mind.

If you are in a negative state of mind, you need to deceive your subconscious mind and convince it into a positive state of mind. To do this convincing you need to conduct yourself in such a manner as if you are already in possession of the material thing or you have already achieved the task that you want to do. By thinking in this way you are telling your subconscious mind which in turn will in turn convince your conscious mind and then at sometime, as long as you keep believing in yourself, transmute into a physical state or happening. You therefore need to encourage positive emotions into your thoughts and discourage the negative ones. It is believed that faith is a state of the mind that may be induced by self suggestion. We have all heard the saying believe in yourself and it is this belief that we need to become stronger.

It is these negative thoughts which many people believe to be bad luck, but it’s not bad luck. Bad Luck is something that is created. Ensure that you keep the status of your mind positive and your future will be bright.

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