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Personal Development From the Books by Jim Rohn and Napoleon Hill

It’s True – Success is built by improving yourself through Personal Development.

Can the books by Jim Rohn and Napoleon Hill actually help?

And what exactly is personal development?

Is it reading a bunch of books?  Saying affirmations over and over?   These things are important, but, it is more- Much More and yet, what it does for you is simple: Personal Development Causes a change in behavior.

As coach, mentor, and expert Jim Rohn says- “For Things To Change, You Must Change; For things to get better, You must get better.” That’s exactly what personal development is all about. And one of the greatest resources available are the books by Jim Rohn. I recommend any book written by this great author.

I break PD into three different categories:

  • Leadership Development
  • Self-Development
  • Skills Development

A development plan starts with one book, one CD, or one video. Can you read 1 chapter a day from a book? How about 5 pages? How about a portion of an audio program or watch a few segments of a video? Everyone has some time.

Here’s the way it works – Watering a seed every day takes time and patience, but before you know it, you suddenly have a flower or plant growing as if it came from nowhere; the same principle applies to your PD plan. You may need to listen and read a lot on leadership development, but after some time and effort, suddenly your character starts to reflect the same leadership attributes. What you put in your mind, eventually comes out. (that includes both negative and positive).

Are you starting your personal development plan yet?

Well, let’s get going.

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