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Understanding Change

The core of who we are, is our self-image. Our self-image is greatly influenced by our past and the interpretation of the events we experienced in our past. If we learn to understand this concept, we are more open to embrace change and see it as a benefit in our life, rather than fear it.

But I believe that many people turn away from change because they simply don’t understand it. They don’t comprehend why it’s invaluable to embrace change, rather than walk away from it.

Many of us have a preconceived notion about change i.e. it represents pain, failure, or rehashes negative experiences. From a learning perspective, you can’t change something you don’t understand. Seek first to understand, then the possibility for change is greater.

When we talk about change, at the most basic level, what we’re referring to is changing not only our thoughts, behaviors and actions but the core of where they are born, our self-image. These three basics are the core that make up our self-image; our past, society at large & the influencers in our young lives; mentors and role models.

These contribute to the creation of our self-image and in turn, are responsible for who we are, what we do and how we color our world. It is my hope in this article to take you back to the basics of what constitutes our past and how we can create change.

Many of the decisions we make in our adult lives, positive or negative are generated from our past. Our past consists of both positive and negative experiences. Unfortunately, we have the same power to reenact the negative events in our lives, based on our negative experiences as well.

But here’s the reality of what really transpires when you revert back to the past. It is not the event or the experience itself that is potentially detrimental, it’s the “meaning” you give to the event and the “data” that you plant in your subconscious mind. This is what you bring into your present, which has the ability to be so damaging. The key to remember is, you are what you believe in. What you tell yourself is true, positive or negative.

When you revert back to a similar event from your past in the present, you will unconsciously tap into the data that is filed away in your memory bank. I refer to this as the “automatic pilot” syndrome. This process will influence you not to create a current decision based on the present, rather to rely on a similar past experience. If you tap into a positive event, well, you’re in the drivers seat. However, if you revert back to a negative event, you’re bound to repeat the same failed experiences over and over again.

We don’t want to revert back to the negative events of our past, we don’t choose or intend to; in most instances it happens like clock work because the behavior is habitual. Often, we’re not even aware of the fact that we’re behaving in this manner. Because it’s become our norm, we’re accustomed to being who we are and doing what we do. How we live our lives has become the norm, so we accept that this is the way life is. It’s only after a period of time, when we see repeated behavior in our lives, that we become aware that this is what’s actually happening.

When you choose the past over the present, you choose comfort over personal growth. Often, what the past has to offer us in the present is nothing more than limited thinking. Because the past is exactly that, there is no potential to create, therefore there is no potential for growth.

This my dear friends is not your “true potential,” it is your “limited potential.” It is behavior based on past based thinking, which can only offer us self-limited beliefs. The present is the only place where you have the power to create. There is no power in a world of self-limited beliefs.

If your present based self-talk is about limitation, that is exactly what you will realize. Your behavior will support the self-limited thoughts, resulting in actions and results that will not support what you intend to manifest. Our behavior becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, with each failed attempt to achieve, you reinforce the negative thought process and beliefs that you have become accustomed to.

By understanding the process of change, you can empower your life with positive change. It’s a simple transformation that requires discipline and daily reinforcement but you can do it. Once you grasp this process, your life will begin to change. Change can be the most powerful tool for us to tap into and empower ourselves to realize our true potential.

With this transition to the present comes the power to create. The power to create allows us to embrace, what I refer to as “unlimited thinking,” which in turn creates “unlimited possibilities.” This is where greatness lives and this is where you want to be.

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